Speak of the wireless charger, most of us would think of its convenience, but the slow charging speed of wireless charger is its biggest weakness. Fast Wireless Charger that available in the world.

With the birth of Xiaomi 20W wireless charger, this situation can be fundamentally changed. Xiaomi, a legend company found in China, release the world fastest wireless charger now.20W wireless charging speed makes it faster than 90% of the wired charger in the world, far beyond Apple's 7.5W charging speed.

Xiaomi 20W wireless charger

It can charge 40% of 3300mah battery in 30 minutes, 90 minutes to 100%. Even faster than its wired charging speed.

To achieve that, Xiaomi uses innovative technology: Charge Pump Technology


What is “Charge Pump Technology”?

A charge pump is a kind of DC to DC converter that uses capacitors for energetic charge storage to raise or lower voltage. Charge-pump circuits are capable of high efficiencies, sometimes as high as 90–95% while being electrically simple circuits.


Actually, the charge pump isn’t the newest technology, it has been widely used in many industrial fields. But it’s the first for wireless charger.

This wireless charger can output up to 20W(20W only for Xiaomi 9 now), then the mobile coil can input 15V/1.34A.But 15V is too high for phone battery to receive. So Xiaomi uses DC-DC(buck) to step down the voltage to double battery voltage. Then use the charge pump step down to battery voltage. Benefit from two-stage buck technology, Xiaomi can achieve 20W charging speed. The charging efficiency of the final input into the battery is about 78%-79%.


Xiaomi 9 VS iPhone Xs Max

Charge to 100%, Xiaomi Mi9 uses 90 minutes, but iPhone Xs Max uses 257 minutes by its 7.5W wireless charger. Many of us may ask can I use Xiaomi 20W wireless charger to charge iPhone. The answer is yes, but only at 5W, not even 7.5W! The cause of this situation is different Mobile phone manufacturer use charging protocol. It means only my own wireless charger can charge my phone at the fastest speed, including Huawei and Samsung.


Future of Wireless Charging

It's no doubt that the future world would take wireless charging as the main charging method. After almost 10 years of development in wireless charging field, we finally can see it exceed wired charging speed. At this point, no one would say wireless charger is of little value!

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8blue wireless charger

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