Heng Balance Lamp

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The Heng Balance Lamp is no ordinary lamp. The interesting twist is that while most traditional lamps have a simple on/off switch, this lamp is breaking through all pre-defined traditions, as its power switch lies in mid-air. Its unique design will feel magical every time you join the magnetic balls together.

  • Unique Function: You can operate the lamp with two standard magnetic balls. When you lift the lower magnetic ball, it will be attracted by the hanging one and remain suspended in mid-air, switching on the light.
  • Warm LED Glow: This light emits a soft, gentle glow bright enough to be used as a book-reading light. The USB power lamp cord plugs into a wide variety of outlets and adapters.
  • Place It Anywhere: It’s perfect for any spot in the house. Place it in your bedroom, living room, office, etc.
  • User-Friendly: The Heng Balance Lamp uses a magnetic absorption switch. It features warm light eye protection.
  • Perfect Gift for Everyone: the LED lights for the bedroom is a unique gift for your loved one.

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