8Blue | V3 Automatic Clamping Intelligent Sensing Wireless Car Charger Mount Holder, 10W Fast Charging


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Auto Clamping Arms: The arms automatically close on your phone, providing the utmost convenience. Just set your phone on the feet pads with built-in sensors, and it quietly and smoothly closes the locking arms on your smartphone so you can hit the road quickly. The feet easily adjust up or down to set your phone at the right height for proper charging

Wireless Fast Charging Qi Technology: This wireless car charger supports all Qi-standard wireless charging mobile phones. With the 4th generation of an integrated version of the independent large coil, and a comprehensive security control chip, it features temperature control, overcurrent protection, and short circuit protection. Besides, equipped with 9V/5V Dual-mode charging, fast chargers function with 10W fixed frequency. (Recommended to use QC 3.0 Car charge to get 7.5w/10w fast-charging )

Extreme Silent Stepper Motor: Noiseless stepper motor, grips the phone strongly, even though when the road is bumpy, it doesn't make any noise, and it is safe and stable to hold your phone to prevent it from slipping. Achieves a quiet opening and Closing below 10 decibels. Each of our designs is designed to give you a satisfying journey.

Air Vent Phone Holder Mount: Compared with windshield or dashboard mount, the air vent mount is much easier for you to reach the phone in the car and causes less distraction during driving.No Tools Needed.