Adjustable Dog Respirator Mask, Breathable Dog Muzzle Protective Mask


  • $8.99

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  • [ ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY MATERIALS ] - This dog respirator mask is made from high quality eco-friendly non-woven fabric materials, non-irritating to pets, and it is comfortable and breathable.
  • [ ADJUSTABLE STRAP ] - The dog protective mask has a two-way adjustable strap that you can adjust the length according to the dog's mouth. It has a built-in optional qualitative steel ring that can be pinched to fit the dog's shape without affecting the dog's sight.
  • [ EFFECTIVE PROTECTION ] - It can effectively protect pets from smog, dust, pollen, PM2.5, car exhaust, pathogenic microorganisms, secondhand smoke, and so on. Provide going out security for your pet.
  • [ COMFORTABLE ] - The fabric is soft and breathable, environmentally friendly, non-irritating to pets, and has a pressure-proof sponge pad inside the mask to protect the dog's upper jaw and make the dog more comfortable to wear.
  • [ APPLICABLE OBJECTS ] - It is suitable for dogs with respiratory diseases and respiratory tract sensitivity. It can be used when the air quality is poor going out when going out for a medical treatment or going out during the pollen season.