100W Solar Panel Charger

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  • ☀️3-in-1:100W Solar Panel Charger has 2 USB ports with iSolar Technology for charging your 5V devices( like smartphones), and 1 DC output(18V/5A) for charging your laptop.
  • ☀️High Efficiency: Portable solar panel 100W uses SunPower solar cells which are made from the US, up to 23.5% efficiency, and the waterproof surface treatment effectively protects the solar charger.
  • ☀️Slim and Powerful: Solar Battery Charger is only 4.73 lb, 1/3 lighter than the same power of solar silicon. (Unfolded Size: 37*37*0.39in; Folded Size: 12.6*7.5*3.6in.)
    • ☀️Simple Style: Portable and frame design in folded fit for outdoor, indoor, travel, camping, and RV use, no space occupy.
    • ☀️Package Contents:
    1. 5x Laptop Connectors
    2. 1x DC Cable (5.5x2.5mm--5.5x2.1mm)
    3. 1x Micro USB Cable
    4. Hooks
    5. Crocodile Charging Clip:1

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