Aluminum Golf Ball Retriever

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  • - Stylistic golf cup holder: Quality and style make sure that you don’t have to keep losing the ball after every grab. With an extended clip, it will fit the putter grips perfectly. 23.6" to 72" Retracted Length
  • - A staggering retriever: Its size helps in the fishing back ball from water or dampen ground, so you don’t have to stretch your body to reach balls that are far from your reach. 
  • - A cork sturdy grip handle: The enhanced grip makes sure that the retriever never leaves the hand. With such a tight grip, you do not need to worry about losing it in the water, or other grounds you stick it to retrieve balls.
  • - Aluminum alloy design: Crafted by the best, the golf ball sniffer retriever is one of the highest quality golf ball retrievers in the market because it cannot break or burn during regular use.
  • - Light frame structure: Easy to carry around alongside the cigar holder golf pushcart. By keeping it easy to carry, the developers wanted the golfers to enjoy the experience that comes with it to ease the workload in the field.

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