Wireless Keyboard for Xbox One (S) Controller

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  • Perfectly Compatible: Perfectly Compatible with Xbox One series controllers(One Elite, One, One S) at all Windows systems(NOTE: NOT for Xbox One X)
  • Easy to Use: just connect this product with Xbox One (S) controller, insert the 2.4G receiver to the USB port of the Xbox One (S) console.
  • Design for Convenience: Full-Qwerty. With number keys of 0-9 and 26 English letter keys and some assistant keys, very convenient to input emails and instant messages, and a group to chat with while playing games.
  • Wireless and NO Charge Required: This keyboard draws power from the wireless controller directly, there is no need to charge it with a charging cable.
  • Multifunction and Durable: Consistent connection, solid buttons, and programmable functions are just a few of the many features that make this keyboard a quality accessory. It is highly durable. (NOTE: NO backlit feature)

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