Blue Beam Pointer

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  • High-power product, please do not radiate human eyes, please put it in a place where children can not touch. Please wear glasses, the reflections at close range are still very strong and dazzling.
  • Don't turn on the light for a long time, or it will damage the light. Not suitable for long-term use.Range: >5000m (the longest distance visible to the naked eye at night)
  • This product is a high-power visible light beam with an adjustable focal length. You can see blue-purple light tracks, even melted black plastic.
  • For outdoor exploration, distant targets and instructions will send out distress signals to make your trip happier and safer.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDED:1 X Blue Beam Pointer + 5 X Star cap + 2 X 16340 battery + 1x Charger + 1x Goggle + 1x Manual + 1x Metal Box
Laser Color: Blue
Body Material: Anodized Army Regulation
Switch: constant on/off button
Light ran ge: >5000m
Battery: 2x 16340
Focus Mode: Rotate focusing
Wave Length:450nm
Beam Style:continuous line
Start Time: <0.5 second

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