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  • 【Smart Rangefinder】This rangefinder can be connected to the MI APP, and to a cell phone via Bluetooth, to achieve the following functions:
1. Data storage - It can measure data synchronously in real time and add notes to the measured data on the cell phone;
2. Plan mapping – It can measure photographs and draw plans based on the measured data;
3. One-click export – The completed plans can be exported to the cell phone album for easy viewing and sharing with others.
  • 【Hidden OLED Display】The hidden screen design uses a low power consumption OLED screen, with the measured data, power, Bluetooth connection status and other information at a glance. The appearance is stylish and simple, using high-strength engineering materials and scratch-resistant UV paint, and it has a frosted texture without leaving fingerprints.
  • 【USB Quick Charge】30 minutes USB quick charge. No need to find a dry battery. 8000 measurements can be made when it is fully charged, saving money, protecting the environment, and increasing productivity.
  • 【Accurate Measurement】Dual emitting and single receiving beam design allows the measurement to be completed within 0.2 seconds. The data can be stably measured, and the accuracy can reach up to± 0.2mm/±1/16 inch. The mute function allows you to turn on or off measurement chimes at will. It is suitable for use in quiet places such as libraries and classrooms.
  • 【Practical appearance design】The simple single-button design allows easy use that the measurement will start immediately after you long-press “Start” and press it again. Rubber small yellow ring design is added, which makes the rangefinder feel comfortable and easy to hold. It can assist in fixing the rangefinder while measuring. 

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