Dog Carrier Backpack

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  • A dog carrier backpack, unlike a traditional dog carrier, is specifically designed to carry pets safely on your back (or front), where the animal sits in the bag. Some bags allow the dog to have their head and legs out, while others keep your pup contained.
  • Hands-free dog carriers provide more mobility for the pet owner when engaged in activities like biking or hiking with dogs. They also offer a great opportunity to bring along your pet on public transportation (like the subway, which only allows dogs that can fit in a bag)

dog carrier backpack 60 lbs

  • Take your dog wherever you go. Now your pal will always be part of the action, even when he can’t keep up, this innovative design allows him to sit comfily on your back with his head out.
  • It features ventilated sides for the full al-fresco effect, easy-pull zippers, adjustable side pockets for all your essentials, and a collar hookup D-ring for added safety. Thanks to the thick bottom rest pad, your dog can sit comfy while he rides “piggyback”, while the Foam-Tek slotted shoulder straps keep you cool.

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