iPhone 12 Magsafe Wireless Power Bank - 5000mAh

Color: Blue
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  • 【Brand New Magnetic Power Bank】The magnetic wireless charger is a multi-function charging a combination of 5000mAh Power Bank+ Wireless Charger +Magnetic Adsorption.
  • 【More secure and more stable】In order to make the magnetic suction charger safer, we added 30 ice cores to the product and reduced the wireless charging power by 15W-7.5W, thus reducing the heating problem of the magnetic suction charger and making the battery more stable.
  • 【Strong Magnetic Adsorption】This mobile phone mount has a super-strong rare earth neodymium magnet, which can hold your device firmly. The charger makes wireless charging a snap. So you can use the iPhone charging port for something else, It's stays stuck to the phone very firmly, you can use it while it's charging.
  • 【Stackabl Design】The inner high-quality induction coil makes it possible to charge your phone through any defensive case. Do not need to take off your phone case(≤ 3mm/0.12inch). Say goodbye to the low battery, clumsy power bank, and messy data cable. 
  • 【Gift - Mobile phone magnet patch】Just stick the magnet patch on the mobile phone case, and the magnetic wireless charger and the magnet patch will experience the same happiness as the wireless magnetic mobile phone.

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