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  • Touchless Soap Dispenser: The auto liquid soap dispenser is touchless. It pumps 1ML each time. If you need more, please hold on to your hand and 2 seconds later, it will pump out again. Do not put thick hand sanitizer/liquid in it.
  • IP67 Waterproof Soap Dispenser: The kitchen soap dispenser with the waterproof design of the whole machine cleaning easily. The new design of the waterproof base helps prevent the battery box from corrosion by immersing it in water
  • Sensor Soap Dispenser: The automatic soap dispenser has a built-in Anti-infrared interference design and PIR sensor detection technology. The upgraded sensor prolongs its working life it and is sensitive more so you can get the hand soap quickly. 
  • Large Capacity: This touch-free soap dispenser can hold 10.15 Ounces liquid. This auto soap dispenser is perfect for Kitchen, Bathroom, Hotel, Hospital, without installation requirements. Requires 4 AAA batteries to operate (No batteries included)

Important Note:
1. 4xAAA battery is required for the soap dispenser. When installing, please check the "+" and "-" symbols of the battery and soap dispenser to install them correctly
2. If the soap dispenser cannot dispense the soap properly, please poke the nozzle of the soap dispenser by hand, so that the internal straw can contact the air to dispense the soap


  • If the soap cannot be dispensed properly, please poke the nozzle of the soap dispenser by hand.
  • When the liquid level is low, please add liquid. Otherwise, the dispenser will not pump out any liquid.
  • When the light is flashing, it means the battery is low. Please change the batteries.
  • Please do NOT shake the devices to avoid any serious damage.
  • Please take out the battery if long time no use.
  • Please make sure the liquid cover is well mounted. Otherwise, the liquid will come out.
  • The normal working temperature is 3℃~40℃

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