Watch Winder with LED Light

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  • 🕐The device is quite durable and stable. Switchable lamplight, glossy finishing, special style, durable motor, are all the reasons you have to choose it for your watches.
  • 🕐Powered with Japanese MABUCHI motor, extremely silent when running, it won't disturb you when it works. And the built-in LED light illuminates your watch with an on/off switch for light, Easy to use at night.
  • 🕐Unique new design of watch holder, avoid scratching the watch. 
    • Adjustable watch holder (Adjustable watch holder can be used for 6.8-8.4 inches).
    • Extra velvet pillow, filled with silk floss inside. (The velvet pillow adopts an opening design, the extra silk floss can be extracted to change the size and hardness of the pillow, to meet with a short watch chain).
  • 🕐Four programs settings:
    • Ⓐ 2mins CW, stop 5mins, repeat.
    • Ⓑ 2mins CCW, stop 5mins, repeat.
    • Ⓒ 30 mins CW, stop 2 hours, then 30 mins CCW, stop 2 hours, repeat.
    • Ⓓ 2 hours CW, stop 2 hours, then 2 hours CCW, stop 2 hours, repeat.
    • *Tip: Please relax, it is not a quality issue if you find it doesn’t turn. Maybe it is resting time when you watch it. 
  • 🕐NOTE: 
    • For automatic watches to operate properly when using a watch winder, when the watch is containing at least 50% of power reserve prior to being placed on a winder.
    • ②The design of the watch winder has been tested and will not cause harm to your expensive automatic watches due to magnetization

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