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Why do we need the watch winder?
If not worn an automatic mechanical watch for a long time
    1. Surface oil is easy to solidify;
    2. Will cause serious damage to the watch core
    3. Easy to stick to dust
    4. Shorter work life
  • 💘Motor upgrade, speed increase, and the service life prolonged, extremely quiet and long-lasting, running without noise. The level of noise is fully negligible as you can enjoy displaying your watch in the bedroom.
  • 💘USB cable connection type, not support the use of batteries. This watch winder only provides a USB cable, without a power adapter, it can be connected to an ordinary mobile phone power adapter.
  • 💘Operating Modes
    1. Mode B: 2 mins CW, stop 6 mins, then 2 mins CCW, and then stop 6 mins, repeat
    2. Mode L: 5 mins CW, 5 mins CCW, repeat and last for 3 hours, and then rest for 9 hours, repeat.

Note: Mode B is suitable for the short-term application, and mode L is suitable for long-term application (If some mechanical watches adopt L mode and cannot normal winding, mode B can be selected.)


Material: Wood + PU Leather
Size: 14 * 15 * 17.5 (cm)
Weight: 1.2KG 

Package Included:  

1 x Automatic Watch Winder with Box
1 x USB Cable

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