Optical Glass Triangular Prism

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  • Fun in Learning - The Spectrum Explorer is a triangular prism glass toy that reflects light, which teaches kids about the color spectrum. Use it to enhance their physics knowledge and as a device for discovery and exploration.
  • Bonding Toy - This hands-on learning instrument brings together people of all ages and allows them to spend quality time together while exploring the mysteries of light! It's perfect for kids and parents as well as students and teachers!
  • Simple and Adaptable - This prism glass toy displays the light spectrum when held at a certain angle. Use it for physics study, as a learning tool, or as an educational toy. No complex instructions, no batteries nor electricity required.
  • For the Gram - Instantly enhance and effortlessly take and share Instaworthy snaps to show your friends, post on social media, or keep for your portfolio. Show the colors of the visible spectrum in their natural order. The Spectrum Explorer can be used for cool photo effects, such as a rainbow by refraction.
  • The Gift of Discovery - Give the Spectrum Explorer as a gift to your best students or favorite teachers- or practically anyone! Whether it's an adult, a teenager, or a kid, the beauty of light is sure to pique the interest of our innate curious nature.
  • High-Quality Material - Made of durable optical glass, this educational piece won't easily chip off or break.
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