Magnetic Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

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  • 【PRINCIPLE OF MAGNETIC LEVITATION】After electrification, the positive and negative electrodes of the electromagnet are changed, and the magnetic field is generated to achieve the effect of levitation through the principle of repulsion at the same level.
  • 【LEVITATING BLUETOOTH SPEAKER】The unique appearance of the  Bluetooth levitating speaker and the base constantly flashing color LED lights give a great visual experience, very able to attract people's eyes!
  • 【360°ROTATION AND 360°STEREO SOUND】This levitating speaker built-in 5W audio drivers offer full high-quality stereo sound, in addition, the application of magnetic levitation technology makes UFO Bluetooth speaker 360 degrees rotation
  • 【POWER-OFF PROTECTIONWhen the power is off, the floating body will automatically be adsorbed on the bracket, so there is no need to worry about falling. phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, smartphones, televisions, etc.
  • 【COOL TECH GIFTS AND HOME DECORATION】This speaker is different from what you used to own, It is not only a uniquely designed floating speaker but also an exquisite home decoration. Perfect for your home, living room, office, hotel.

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