Fighting Dragon Bookend - 1 Pair

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  •  [PROTECT YOUR PRIZED NOVELS]: Like a gothic knight guarding his large castle, Fierce dragon bookends, each dragon is poised to attack his opponent, with wings spread and jaws wide.
  • [DUAL-PURPOSE DECORATIVE BOOKEND]: Each dragon is perched within the pages of a book. Invisible tall bookends look like not only a bookend but also a home decoration.
  •  [HIGH QUALITY]: Cast in resin, not easy to fade. The only thing keeping these remarkable Fighting Dragon Bookends from a battle to death is the books in your library.
  •  [REMARKABLE DETAIL]: This is definitely an amazing handicraft, once you see it, your eyes cannot stop looking at it.
  • [DYNAMIC ARTWORK]: Dynamic artwork even when not supporting books. Bookends can keep your books organized and decorate your bookshelves for heavy books.

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