Creepy Clown Mask with Lights

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  • 🪓【Penny wise clown mask】 This is a highly restored natural latex mask of the clown in the movie, as the first choice for scary Halloween masks. It is very well made and cheap.
  • 🪓【LED latex light-emitting IT mask】 This creepy clown mask is different from other ordinary clown masks. There are LED red glowing lights on the glasses of the mask, which is even more frightening. There is a light-on device in the headgear.
  • 🪓【Size】The clown mask fits most of the size of adults or children and can be matched with your clown costume on Halloween. The mask has vents, through the vents, your sight and breathing will not be obstructed.
  • 🪓【LED power supply】The power supply of the IT light can be seen inside the headgear (as shown in the figure). When the power supply is empty, you can easily replace the power supply, which is very simple to operate.


    • Latex masks have a peculiar smell, so they can be used after 1 day in a ventilated place.
    • Items will inevitably be squeezed and slightly deformed during transportation and will return to their original state after one day.
    • If you are allergic to latex, please use the mask with caution.

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