Heat Powered Stove Fan Hanging on Chimney

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  • [WORKING PRINCIPLE] The new upgraded design, heat powered, does not need batteries and electricity, through thermal energy to kinetic energy, drive the fireplace fan rotation, burn less fuel, get more heat. Quickly and efficiently disperse heat into your room.
    • Never need to turn it on or off, start working automatically.
    • When the temperature reaches 80°C(176°F ), the fan starts to rotate. When the temperature is lower than 80°C(176°F ), the fan slowly stops rotating.
    • The higher the temperature of the furnace, the faster the blades rotate.
    • The operating temperature range is 80°C(176°F )~ 250°C(482°F )
    • The material is anodized aluminum, wear-resistant and anti-rust.
    • Overheating protection, the in-built bi-metallic strip at the base of the stove fan is designed to raise the edge of the fan slightly and reduce the contact area of the heat source.
  • [WHISPER QUIET] The fireplace fan silent operation. The only moving part is the blade assembly, The stove fan works at less than 25 db. 
  • [SPACE SAVING] Easy to install, the 5-blade stove fan can be attached directly to the chimney pipe of the woodstove, log burner, or fireplace, which can save more space. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.



  • Material: aluminum alloy profile
  • Number of blades: 5
  • Blade diameter: 180mm
  • Air volume CFM: 180-210
  • Motor speed: 750-1050rpm
  • Noise: ≦35db
  • Colour: Black
  • Starting temperature: 65℃-85℃
  • The best working temperature: 100℃-250℃
  • Maximum temperature: 350℃

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