Nixie Tube RGB Digital Clock

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  • LED Imitated Nixie Tube Clock: A creative timepiece with Digital Playing Nixie Tubes. Pretty simple yet industrial design and straightforward time checking. 6 RGB Glowing PCB on the bottom could be customized in any color sequence you want. 
  • Simple Setup: Note that before using, the clock needs to be set up first. The assembly process is easy and an instruction book is included. No extra tools are needed.
  • Customize The Color You Like: With 16 million colors to control, you can even define the color of each bit. We also designed five display modes for it. You can adjust the time/color/brightness with the buttons.
  • Continuous Clocking after Power Off: When power was turned off and the light was out, the built-in battery will make sure the time continuously clock so that you won't need to adjust the time every time you turn it back on.
  • Material: Walnut Wood with Aluminum Alloy

Common problem:

Q: This product is so beautiful. What is it?
A: This is A creative clock, you can set any cool time digital display color, it is a gift and good choice for personal use!

Q: How does this clock tell the time?
A: If the numbers say 14, 02, 11, that's 14:02, 11.

Q: I see that the clocks of the same model are all parts, which take a lot of time to assemble before they can be used. Do you need to assemble this clock yourself?
A: The factory has pre-installed the main part when shipping, users only need to self-assemble the acrylic digital sheet that can be used.

Q: Is this clock rechargeable or plugged in?
A: This clock is powered by A USB port. USB power supply and micro-USB charging cable are delivered.

Q: Does the time need to be reset after the power failure?
A: There is A button battery on the motherboard. It will continue to run when the power is off. There is no need to reset the time to plug it in after the power is off.

Q: Is this clock convenient to set and adjust the time? 
A: The clock is equipped with A special time setting button, which is very convenient to set the time. It does not need to set the time by computer at all. The built-in clock chip is very accurate, do not often adjust the time.

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