RC Battle Boxing Robot

Color: White robot
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  • 【Boxing Fight Robots】Two control joysticks. Real games are more fun.The most unmissable two-person interactive game.
  • 【Real Time Control No Delay】Using the remote control technology, the movement signal can directly transfer to the robot body joint. No disappointing delay.
  • 【Boxing Movement】One of the biggest failure of other boxing fight Robots is that they can not move and attack viciously. Unlike their boring ‘fight’. Our fighters can turn while punching, make the whole game like real fights (block, dodge, attack).
  • 【A Real Game with a Winner】5 Rounds for one champion. When the head o robot is hit, there will be sound prompts. And LED lights behind the head will change color. Five times hits to the head, then the loser robots will turn off.

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