Electric Foot Massager Pad

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  • Foldable: This option is easy to carry around due to its compact size and convenient shape. Take it with you anywhere to use the massager in the gym or while traveling
  • Rechargeable: The device is easily rechargeable with the use of a USB cable. The high-quality lithium battery ensures long functioning before the next recharge
  • Multiple massage modes: The massager features six massage modes, making it a perfect solution for a wide variety of needs. Any personal need you might have will be met with this high-quality device
  • Adjustable intensity: The massaging pad boasts nine levels of adjustability to stimulate various points of your feet. It helps relieve stress and alleviate both physical and mental fatigue
  • Relaxing massage: Use the device after a long day or after a walk to soothe your feet and relax. It’s a perfect solution for swollen or tired feet
  • Beneficial for feet health: Regular use of this foot massager promotes the overall health of your feet. The stimulating massage reduces pain and stiffness while also stimulating the muscles. Use the device daily for short five- to fifteen-minute sessions and this routine will prove beneficial both for your feet and overall health

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