Golf Putting Alignment Mirror

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  • Create gates for precision training. Sweet spot training with the putter gate. Path gates. Stroke length. This training aid is small and compact in size and comes with a soft carry bag.
  • Mirrored surface for instant feedback. See your eye position, head movement, putter face alignment.
  • At the putting alignment, the mirror is perfect to use on your putting mat at home or on the course putting green to groove your putting stroke. 
  • Practice the perfect putting setup using the putting mirrors alignment lines, guidelines, and mirror face and will have the perfect starting line, face angle, and eye placement. This putting aid will help you practice the perfect putt every time
  •  Let you set up a gate of tees for the toe and heel of the putter to learn to swing and create 'sweet spot' contact in the center of the putter's face. Comes with exclusive indoor putting posts to create gates indoors when you can’t insert tees.

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