Reptile Food Feeding Water Rock Bowl

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  • Realistic Rock Texture - The reptile bowl imitates the design of the rock, 100% restores the real living environment, makes your pet more adaptable, and blends in, which will attract your pets to eat and drink more, and as a decoration, it will be more unique. Also, minimize food waste with a food bowl that is the right size and depth for your pets
  • Made from Resin - The food water dish made from 100% premium-quality resin. Odorless and easy to clean, these bowls require little to no maintenance. And with a lightweight yet sturdy build, it can stay with your pets for years to come, very stable, not easily tipped over by larger reptiles
  • Unique Design - This novelty food bowl imitates the texture and shape of the rock. As realistic terrarium decoration will add aesthetic value to any reptile habitat whether it be tropical, jungle, or desert-themed. It can blend right into terrariums and vivariums, stand out as a focal point in your pet's habitat setup
  • Optional Size for Your Reptiles - S: 3.4*4.3*1.1inch/ L: 3.9*6.1*1.2inch/ XL: 5.2*7.4*1.5inch. It's the perfect size for small to medium-sized reptiles, amphibians, and even small mammals like rats and guinea pigs. The smooth surface of the reptile bowl, as well as the suitable height, could prevent escaping and spilling, suitable for you to feed your reptile friend
  • Perfect For You Reptiles - This reptile water meal bowl is perfect worm or water dish for lizards, gecko, cricket, leopard, hamster, dubia, canopy, bearded dragon, snake, chameleon, corn snake, iguana, etc. the worm food can be superworm, meal worm, cockroach larva, a little tenebrio, etc

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