Tesla Model 3/Y Console Organizer

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2021 Tesla Model 3/ Y Center Console Organizer】Specially designed for the Latest 2021 Tesla Model 3/ Y, fit for 2021 center console without affecting any function.

Extra Storage Drawer DesignAdd Extra Storage for 2021 Tesla 3/ Y. Dividing the center console into two parts and upgrading it with drawer design. Small items stored in this tray and large items stored below it.

Compression Design】Tesla Model 3/ Y center console organizer tray can slide smoothly back and forth, hiding to Prevent Privacy Leakage. Simply push and pull to easily access the upper and lower storage compartments.

Environmental Materials】 The Tesla Model 3/ Y center console storage box is made of ABS Plastic And Flocking Materials, just like OEM parts, perfectly matching the interior.

Easy To Install And Remove】 Just put it in and take it out. It will not affect the use of the center console space of Tesla Model 3/ Y, and it is easy to clean the dirt marks by using a damp cloth.

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