Expandable Garden Water Hose

Color: Green
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✓ 【Strong, Durable and Leak-Proof】The Garden Hose is made with a natural latex core and wear-resistant polyester fabric, which can withstand high water pressure and punctures from other sharp objects.

✓【 Flexible Design, Easy To Store】The stretchable flex water hose will NEVER get tangled, twisted, or kinked. Once water fills the house, it'll extend to three times and quickly recover its original size when finishing.

✓【 Multi-Purpose】Perfect for general gardening, watering plants and flowers, washing your car, cleaning the yard, etc

✓【Kids Fun】The water hose is perfectly great for kids to have fun with friends and family while playing in outdoor activities.

✓【 7 Unique Spraying Modes】The spray nozzle rotates to provide 7 different water modes including: full, mist, jet, shower, flat, center, and cone.

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