Xbox Series X/S Cooling Stand

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🎮All-in-One Stand: It’s designed as a vertical stand, cooling fan, charging stand, and game storage rack, with the USB hub. Only suitable for Xbox Series X/S.

🎮Heat Dissipation: The cooling fans with 3000PRN can efficiently lower the console's temperature, accelerate the air circulation, preventing overheating to prolong the machine life.

🎮LED Indicators: It takes about 3.5 hours to charge two controllers at the same time. Color RED indicates that it is charging, Color GREEN indicates that it is fully charged.

🎮3 Extra USB Hub Ports: USB ports allow you to connect different devices and transfer data. A good amount of space to store games on the side.

🎮Saving Space: The stand minimizes the space by holding them vertically and keeps the gaming area neat.

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