Beat Saber Dual Handles for Oculus

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✓ Specialized Design: Designed specifically for the Beat Saber game, it makes players more comfortable experiencing the game.

✓ Easy Installation: First, insert the lanyard of the handle stand into the controller slot, and then rotate the handle stand screw knob. When the screw knob is tightened, the handle is firmly fixed.

✓ Protection Design: The contact part of the handle stand and the touch controller adopt silicone strips, preventing scratches while stabilizing tightly the stand and the controller.

✓ Comfortable Design: The grip is made of a sponge that is elastic to cushion the force generated by playing games and absorb the sweat to grasp the handle firmly.

✓ Please Note: This product has three versions.

  1. Primary version: Only works for Oculus Quest 1/ Rift S Controllers;
  2. Updated version: Universally for Oculus Controllers
  3. Newest version: With a connect handle for all Oculus Controllers

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