8-Inch Mini Electric Chainsaw

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  • Sharp and Strong Chain】This cordless chain saw adopt a High-Quality Alloy Chain, wear-resistant and durable, fast and smooth sawing without jamming.

  • Brushless copper motor】This Mini Electric Chainsaw features strong power, More Output Stable than the chain saw modified by the angle grinder. High load so that can not easy to burn.

  • Brand-new Design
      1. Soft Rubber Handle, anti-skid, and sweat-absorbing;
      2. Widen Baffle Design, to prevent wood chips from splashing during cutting;
      3. Heat Dissipation Hole Design, efficient ventilation, and heat dissipation.

  • Wide Application】This electric chainsaw has a Wide Range of Uses such as being used for forest cutting, cutting wood, pruning branches, and so on.

  • Safe Use Tips】The chainsaw used continuously for 10 minutes, will generate a lot of heat, and become hot. It is normal. Please rest for 3-5 minutes before continuing to use.


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