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Stop wasting your time & energy! Get that perfect curls & waves with Premier Curler Iron as fast as 5 minutes!

Premier Curl Iron lets you curl, iron, and condition your hair at the same time. The one-inch ceramic coating barrel allows rapid heating of hair. The barrel produces heat of up to 210°C and its AI evenly distributes this to avoid hair damage.

Two-way Rotating - The two-way buttons are made of professional ceramic tourmaline, producing ample negative ions to protect the scalp and eliminate frizz and static electricity to the most extent.

Anti-Scald & Anti-Winding - Double layer heat insulation shell to prevent scalding, come with inductive magnetic motor, sense the stress situation when curling. The chipset inside will automatically cut off the power when over the stress threshold,

Can Be Used Safely - Automatically shut down in one-hour standby, the power cord about 1.8 meters can be rotated by 360 degrees without winding, coming with 110-220V dual output and is portable and ideal for traveling.


Fast Heating Up:

  • 300 ºF(150 ºC): for fragile hair
  • 340 ºF(170 ºC): for normal texture hair
  • 370 ºF(190 ºC): for curly, coarse or very thick hair
  • 410 ºF(210 ºC): leaving you with salon-quality results in no time.

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