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255g Lightweight Headset

"Zero Load" 24 Hours of Painless Wear

Surging 4D Surround Sound

50 mm Drive Unit

4D Virtual Loudspeaker System lets you hear subtle footsteps leaving enemies nowhere to escape to. Take the lead and seize the first opportunity to strike the enemy down

Radar Level Sound Location Recognition

The new generation of gaming audio modulation technology can restore the surrounding environment sounds and make them more realistic 

HiFi Cinema Sound

The high-precision dynamic 50mm loudspeaker unit brings a broader and more vivid sound field. The sound quality is clear and through as if you are on the game battlefield

Light and Comfortable 

Adaptive telescopic head beam, suitable for all kinds of head types, effectively protects the neck. And it doesn't put pressure on the head due to lightness


Double suspension hand beam allows you to bend and curl it all you like without the fear of it breaking 

The wire is made of cotton threads that greatly increase the toughness of the headset and prevents you from causing any wire damage by pulling

Noise Reduction Microphone

360-degree bending noise reduction microphone that accurately picks up sounds and keeps the communication smooth  

Roller Volume Adjustment

Nice and simple. Say goodbye to annoying wire control adjustment. Just roll to increase or decrease the volume

Please note: We are using non-retail packaging, and for the mic to work please use the provided connector. USB is only to power the LED.

❖How to connect to PS4
  • 1. Insert the headset 3.5mm jack into the gamepad;
  • 2. Enter the System Settings by long-pressing the PS4 button;
  • 3. Choose "PERIPHERAL MACHINES", then "ADJUST SOUND AND DEVICES", and then "Output to the headphones", and lastly change it to "All audio".

  • Microphone directivity: Omnidirectional P
  • Product Model: G60
  • Speaker unit: 50mm
  • Sensitivity: 105dB±3dB
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
  • Wire length: 2M
  • Impedance: 32 ohm
  • Wire core: all copper enameled wire
  • Plug: 7.1 USB/3.5mm

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