Air Pressure Pump Wine Opener

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  • 👑【Efficient Air Pump Wine Opener】No need to pull and twist, just slide the needle in, pull it out a few times and the cork comes out.
  • 👑【Cleanly Removes Any Cork】: Compared with traditional corkscrews, The wine air pressure pump corkscrew features a sharp, metal needle, the wine air opener neatly slides into the center of the cork for easy and complete removal.
  • 👑【Safe & Portable】: This bottle opener uses an assemblable design, after use, the needle can be retracted into the inside of the corkscrew. You can take it wherever you go for travel due to being lightweight.
  • 👑【Excellent Gift Idea】Great for bar, cafe, restaurant, or home use. The smooth finish makes it very easy to clean. Excellent gift idea for wine lovers,
  • 👑【Reliable Service】If you have any questions about wine openers, don't hesitate to contact us.
How To Use?

cork screw wine bottle openers

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