67oz/2L Cat Water Fountain with Fliters

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  • 2L Gold Capacity
      • Compact design will not take up too much space. The recirculating mechanism ensures optimum oxygenation of the water.
      • The 67 OZ / 2L capacity meets the needs of small and medium-sized pets.
  • Dual Working Mode
      • With the arc-shaped faucet and inclined slope water flow design, the cat fountain water bowl has 2 different flow modes.
      • Fountain mode increases water oxygen content and freshes spring water surge mode. ​Faucet Mode attracts pets to drink more water, prevents pets to drink tap water.
  • Circulating Filtration System
      • The quadruple filtration system provides healthy and fresh water to your pet.
      • 3 layers filter: Sponge could catch cats hair and debris, the ion exchange resin layer could soften the tap water, the third activated carbon layer could remove bad taste and odor.
  • Ultra Silent Pump - The pump is super quiet, which measured below 40 dB. Leave a sweet dream to you and your pets.
  • Low Consumption and Easy to Clean
      • The pump is detachable and replaceable. Please clean it by hand with soap water or tap water.
      • Three Easy Steps:
        • Step 1: Remove the pump cover.
        • Step 2: Remove the Impeller cap by placing your fingernail underneath the small lip.
        • Step 3: Remove the Impeller and clean the parts with soap and warm water.

DC 5V Adjustable Silent Pump x 1

 Package Included:

  • 1 x Pet Fountain
  • 2 x Filters
  • 1 x Faucet
  • 1 x Silent Pump
  • 1 x Adapter Plug
  • 1 x User Manual

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