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  • 🐶Outdoor Dog-Tug-of-War Toy - This is a multifunctional toy for dogs to play outdoors. It integrates the functions of tug-of-war, squeaking, leaking food, molar, and dog chew cotton rope, which brings a more happy experience to dogs.

  • 🐶Food Dispenser Dog Toy - Add more of their favorite foods to attract their interests. This dog toy allows the dog to obtain rewards through their efforts when they playing.

  • 🐶Dog Cleaning Toys - Chewing our dental chew toys and chew treats can help clean teeth and control plaque and tartar, effectively cleans teeth to promote oral health and soothe.
  • 🐶Dog's Water Toys - The ball can float on the water. The dog can play with the ball while swimming. You can throw them out and let your dog swim in the past to get them back, the dog will enjoy it.

  • 🐶Elastic Rope Toy - Fix the tie-out stick on the lawn or soft ground, It can be used as a stretch rope ball for dogs, which is not only released the dog's energy but also enables dogs to do exercise.

interactive dog toy

  • 🐶Easy to use - Fix the ground plug on the outdoor lawn or the ground, and directly leave the ball for the dog to play. Because this toy will consume a lot of dog's energy, so that we recommend dogs play 20-30 minutes per timer.

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