44-Hole Bubble Machine

Color: Purple
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  • Multi-hole Bubble - There are 44 holes for simultaneous bubbling and the bubbles are distinct and not sticky.

  • Reinforced Shell - Made from ABS material, reinforced shell, drop and impact-resistant, durable.
  • Novel Rocket Launcher Shape - The rocket launcher shape and streamlined design make it even more enjoyable for children.

  • Strap Design - The strap is designed to prevent the bubble machine from falling out of hand.
  • Convenient Handle Design - Portable handle, easy to carry and the grip can be adjusted in position at will. One-handed and to take everywhere with you.
  • Multifunctional Bubble Maker -  Not only the bubble machine but also the fan when the head is removed.
  • ♦Easy To Clean - One tray for easy cleaning without sticky hands.
  • Long-lasting Battery Life - Long operating life with lithium batteries, rechargeable, environmentally friendly, and durable. (Does not include battery)

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