Multi-Functional Lumbar Traction Device

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Melt away sprains, pinched nerves, herniated discs, spasms, and pain in the back with Multi-Functional Lumbar Traction Device. This device is designed to restore the natural curve of your spine.

By using Multi-Functional Lumbar Traction Devicefrequently you can expect:

  • Improvement in Mobility and Flexibility 
  • Immediate Back Pain Relief 
  • Reduced Pressure of Pinched Nerves 
  • Sciatica Pain Relief 
  • Heal Damaged Tissue 
  • Support Spinal Alignment 
  • Improved posture

The state-of-the-art ALL IN ONE Lumbar care device makes it possible for anyone to have a professional physiotherapy device at home, for their own personal use. It utilizes lots of functions such as:

  • Adjustable Heat Therapy - 3 different temperature setting to select from.
  • 3 Massage Mode -
      • AirBag Mode lifts the waist, and cycles after the pause.
      • Vibration Mode to enjoy the massage in a fixed frequency
      • Vibration mode with dynamic shock, a deep shock to relieve your waist tension,
  • Low & Medium Frequency Pulses Electrothrerapy  - Targets the spine to improve blood circulation, and prevent disuse atrophy.
  • 10cm Stretch Lumbar Curve Reduction


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