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An Innovative Smart Posture Corrector

Utilizing smart technology, our Smart Posture Brace can identify when you begin to slip out of the correct posture. When this happens, it begins to vibrate softly, reminding you to hold your head, back, and shoulders in the correct position for optimum posture all day long.With a simple, comfortable, and active back brace, you can completely correct your lumbar posture and rid yourself of shoulder discomfort, back discomfort, and so much more.

Intelligent Reminders Make Good Posture Simple

Poor posture typically falls within the range of 25 degrees, and our Smart Posture Brace is designed to alert you when your posture dips that far away from your optimal point of posture. When this happens, the device will immediately sense your slip in posture and send a vibration reminder to you to open your shoulders, straighten your back, and stand up tall. 

One-Touch Startup

Featuring a single “on” button, you can turn your Smart Posture Brace on with just the press of a button. Using a 400mAh polymer lithium battery that can be used for about 15 days after just 2 short hours of charging, Smart Posture is here for the long haul. And when your battery runs out, simply connect it to the USB charger and get back to practicing good posture.

Comfortable Fit & An Ergonomic Design

When it comes to your comfort, we know just how important it is. You want to feel comfortable when wearing a back brace, which is why we’ve designed our Smart Posture device with ergonomic technology, making it lightweight and comfortable, naturally aligned to the curve of your back.


Free size ( Fit for chest 28"- 48" ; weight 15 - 95 kg)

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