Mini Electric Screwdriver

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With this genius invention, you will no longer have to manually screw or unscrew bolts and nuts for any job.

Design Mind:
  • 1 minute/150 speed. Electric torque is 1.2KG. It is mainly used for the disassembly and assembly of small screws in mobile phone / electronic digital products.
  • Because of this kind of small screw, if the torque is too large, the speed is too fast, it is easy to damage the screw and the equipment. This is a targeted removal of small screws, which improves safety and efficiency.
  • The tighter screw can not only be electric, but also can be operated manually, and the manual can withstand 30KG torque.


  • One-button control is reversed and the operation is very convenient. providing ample power timely, automatic and manual operation design, ensure the high working efficiency.
  • Slim aluminum alloy housing body with pen shape design
  • Comes with 20 popular bits
  • Including Phillips, Slotted, Hex, Torx, 5-point, Y-type, Square, Triangle, Square, U-type to be compatible with most electronic devices.

    • Suitable for the quartz watch, regular household appliances such as cameras digitals, radios, glasses, tablet pc, smartphone, drones, joystick, RC car, hard drive, maintenance of children's toys, etc.


    • Model: Wowstick 1P+
    • Material: S2 Aluminum Alloy
    • Input Voltage: DC 3V
    • Battery Type: Dry Cell
    • Battery Capacity: 2 x AAA 1.5V Batteries
    • Speed: 150r/min
    • Working Mode: Dual Torque 0.12/3N.m


    • 1 x Wowstick 1P+ Electric Screwdriver (battery is not included)
    • 1 x White Package Box
    • 1 x Package Cloth Bag
    • 20 x Standard Screwdriver Bits

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