Protective Padded Shorts

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  • IMPACT RESISTANCE: Hip padded with multi EVA pads placements that's great cushioning, shock resistance, heat insulation function, and its shape design perfectly fit body curve and do the best protection job, reduce the contact and impact when the body hit the dangerous surface

  • BREATHABLE & WEIGHT LIGHT: lightweight EVA foam padding plastic tail bone protector, and breathable mesh fabric, allow the user to wear it comfortably, Can be washed by hand.
  • FULL PROTECTION: The hip padded is with overall protection pads for your Lumbar, Butt, Crotch, and Thigh, Great hip and tailbone protection for all action sports including skateboarding, longboarding, skiing, snowboarding, and mountain biking.
  • FLEXIBILITY: Waist with velcro and elastic design can be adjusted, allowing it easy to wear and take off.

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