Electric Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace

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  • You live without pain: My sister suffered wrist pain after a baseball game, The orthopedic doctor recommended our wrist brace for support, Fortunately, after a few use of this electric Heating Brace, her wrist pain was relieved.
  • Warm massage: This massager has a heating function, which helps relieve pain in tired muscles, wrist pain, arthritis syndrome, wrist edema, and swelling. If your arms and wrists are thinner, we recommend that you use a cloth or sponge pad to make the massage better.
  • Ergonomic design: Wrist bracers can be adjusted according to their comfort level, our wrist band can ensure stability, not easy to fall off, wearing it our hand support is very comfortable.
  • Portable and easy to operate: no wire operation, this wrist massager is equipped with a dedicated integrated control device, which can be used at any time to add vibration damping and switching function mode, you can use it at will, and low noise.
  • Suitable for everyone: Suitable for long-term standing people, office workers, or people who lack exercise, use a wrist massager while watching TV, reading, working, or relaxing in the office. The hook and loop design can be resized so that you may feel sore after using it, but that's how you know the benefits your hands feel.

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