VR Lens Anti Scratch Ring For Oculus Quest 2

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  • Integrated Design: This anti-scratch oculus quest 2 lens protector has adapted the integrated design of a silicon layer and a plastic frame. It's compatible with Oculus Quest 2/ Oculus Quest/ Oculus Rift S.
  • 5.5MM Silicone Layer: The 5.5mm silicone layer of the oculus quest 2 glasses spacer can separate your myopia glasses from the VR lens at a proper distance and avoid scratching, meanwhile, the soft silicone will not scratch your myopia glasses.
  • Stable and Firm: The three slots on the bottom of the quest 2 lens protector help them clip on the VR lens firmly and stably.
  • Easy to Install or Detach: Put the oculus lens protectors on the VR lens according to the corresponding R and L and apply pressure to clip them to the VR lens to install, and gently pull out the lens protectors to detach them.
  • Improve Your VR Experience: You don't have to worry about the lens or glasses will be scratched when you wear glasses to use the VR headset, the anti-scratch ring lens protector will reduce the influence of wearing glasses and you can get yourself better immersed in the game.

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