2-in-1 Dirt-Free Cat Litter Shovel with Container and Roll Waste Bags

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  • Integrated removable cat tray scoop: The combination of cat litter tray + garbage bin + trash bag facilitates cleaning. This cat litter scoop is just perfect enough to maneuver in the cat toilet, especially in corners where your cats tend to pee.
  • Unique design: This multifunctional cat poop scoop has a wide front edge to clean deep corners. The one-piece design is comfortable and practical, comfortable grip, scientific length, with its own hollow scoop and garbage bin, the cleaning is time-saving and more comfortable.
  • High-quality materials: The cat litter tray is made of high-quality PP resin material. The smooth surface makes it corrosion-resistant, very durable.
  • Use: The special thing about this litter tray is that you can put the scooped feces directly into the cat toilet bag and thus prevents litter from falling to the ground. Just remove the garbage bin, place the garbage bag on it, put the waste scoop on it, it is very simple and comfortable to operate.
  • Easy to clean: This versatile cat litter tray has a wide front edge to clean deep corners. After use, the cat litter scoop can be rinsed directly with water.

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