2023 Movie Wonka Willy Wonka Cosplay Costume

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  • Anyone who has watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory must be familiar with Wonka. He runs the world's largest chocolate factory, Wonka Chocolate Factory. It's mysterious, with locked gates and a rich chocolate aroma. The factory produces Wonka chocolates loved by kids globally.
  • As Christmas 2023 is approaching, Wonka's movie will once again evoke our memories of those strange and delicious chocolates. The film tells the fantasy adventure story of Willy Wonka, a young and talented inventor, magician, and chocolatier in his youth.
  • This latest Wonka costume draws inspiration from movie costumes. Put it on, and everyone who loves this movie and chocolate will recognize you at a glance.

  • This Wonka cosplay costume is a perfect gift for your children, family, and friends.It can make you attractive at the party.


  • ·Material: Elastic Cloth + Thickiy Ronior Fabric + Golden Velvet + Lining
  • Including: Shirt + Vest + Coat + Pants + Scarf

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