Aluminum Blue Laser Pointer

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  • High-grade aluminum construction, visible light with adjustable focus.
  • Blue dot daylight as 30-100 meters, can reach 1500 meters at night. It's no problem seeing it a couple of hundred feet away。
  • Please don't keep open the light for a long time, or it may damage the light bulb
  • Fine Workmanship: Precise screw threads, thick waterproof ring. For outdoor adventure, distant targets and instructions sent out distress signals to let your travel be happier and safety
  • Package Included: 1 * 30W BLUE LASER with 5 star heads (4 different star effects, 1 straight line). Batteries are forbidden on airmail, so the battery not included! hope you can understand



Shell material: aviation aluminum
Surface treatment: anode oxidation military green
Output wavelength: 440-450 nm
Power: 300000 mW
Circuit control: 5 V booster take reverse connect protection
Circuit efficiency: the boost conversion efficiency above 95%
Flare form: patch
Beam style: continuous line
Focus on ways: can focus
Working current: 3.7 V 1.1 A
Working voltage: DC = 3.7 V
Start voltage: DC = 2.5 V
Preheat time: no
Working temperature: -10°c~ + 30°c
Storage temperature: -10°c~ + 40°c
Focus on ways: can focus
Supply mode: 2pcs of 16340 lithium battery
Size(mm): 190(L)x26(HD)
Weight(g): 150/370
Battery: 2x16340 (not included)
Packing size(mm): 200(L)x95(W)x53(H)

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