Cervical Neck Traction Device For Pain Relief

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Dealing with constant neck pain can literally halt all your daily activities. With this inflatable neck brace, you can recover faster with enhanced comfort and relaxation on your neck. Reduce the swelling and tension on your neck by using this soft cervical collar.

Adjustable – Equipped with straps, the neck collar enables you to adjust it with extreme ease. This way you’ll feel more comfortable and less suffocating!

Trachea Opening – Open throat design that helps in relieving moisture and heat while being worn. It also provides easy access to carotid pulse and tracheotomy.

Durable – Made with plastic foam, the inflatable neck brace for sleeping is highly durable and can be used on daily basis.

How it works:

  • Put the device around your neck; adjust it according to neck circumference.
  • Fasten the nut of the metal inflating valve before you do the inflation.
  • Do the inflation by using a hand pump until you feel comfortable.
  • 20 ~ 30minutes for small and middle-intensity traction; 1 ~ 3 minutes for strong intensity traction.
  • During traction treatment, small and middle intensity traction is recommended to do first, then do the strong intensity traction according to your own tolerance. 2 ~ 3 times a day, 10 ~ 20days for one course.

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