Laser Induction Electric Lighter

Color: Silver
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  • 🔥Spiral Arc: Innovative and latest technology in arc lighter. Super cool and much fun. Definitely, Laser Induction Electric Lighter must be the eye-catcher.
  • 🔥Laser Induction: Green laser induction ignition, so unique, very rarely see in the market.Great conversation starter and perfect gifts.
  • 🔥USB Rechargeable: Say goodbye to those traditional disposable lighters. No hassle of refilling. It saves much money in the long term as it recharges hundreds of times.
  • 🔥NO Flame NO Butane: This lighter works by using the latest technology in creating an electric plasma arc with one press of a button so you can light up anytime and anywhere.
  • 🔥Kind Reminder: As it is an innovative technology, please read product descriptions about its limitations and applicabilities.

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