Humane Smart Mouse Trap

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  • Humane live animal trap. Whether you want to release or kill them, this is a perfect trap choice. Apply to catch mice, mice, rats, chipmunk, squirrels, voles, and similar-size nuisance animals. Solid door and handle guard protect the user during transportation, while smoothed internal edges protect and prevent injuries to animals.
  • Engineering plastics and iron structure, strong and durable. sensitive pedal trigger ensures quick and secure capture. Anti-reverse gear type self-locking door, let mouse can not escape.
  • Mousehole shape design, naturally attractive, easier to catch the mouse. ABS plastic does not rust. The mouse foot will not feel cold when walking in the plastic cage, vigilance than walking in an iron cage on the low,make the mouse more easily caught.
  • Non-Toxic and Safe for Kids and pets. Can be used with any bait. Innovative, efficient, and easy-to-use design. This trap has evolved through the years to become the most successful mechanism to catch small animals.

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