Manual Coffee Grinder - Capacity of 15g

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  • ☕【Produced by 5-axis CNC Machine】
      • This manual coffee grinder is produced by 5-axis CNC machines.
      • The coffee powder you ground is uniform in thickness, with very little fine powder.
      • Double-bearing center shaft structure, the positioning is more accurate, grinding more labor-saving.
  • ☕【Perfect SUS420 Stainless Steel Conical Burr】
      • Our Burr is made of SUS420 stainless steel, which can cut coffee beans easily and efficiently.
      • Different sizes and 8 blades successively cut and grind coffee beans at different levels.
      • It can well improve the uniformity of the powder, and reduce the generation of fine powder.
      • The cutting and grinding process will not produce high temperatures and can maintain the original aroma and taste.
  • ☕【Fine Adjustment Dial Design】
      • With 60 graduations in a full rotation, the grinding core will shift 0.022mm for one graduation adjustment.
      • Over 120 graduations setting to ensure you have 100% accuracy control over the particles that you want.
  • 【Good choice of your life】Does not use water or any detergent to clean. Small size and Lightweight, easy to carry, you can make a cup of fresh, rich, and smooth coffee when you want to drink.
  • 【A New Coffee Experience Of Life】Bitterness, sourness, sweetness, and astringency are the taste of coffee and the taste of life. 

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