Shoe Crease Protector - 1 Pair

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  • 【CREASE FREE SNEAKERS】Say goodbye to toe box creases on your favorite shoes! Shoe Creases Guard was not only made to keep your brand new sneakers looking new, but also to restore and improve your old-looking kicks.
  • 【Good quality】The anti-wrinkle shoe creases guards are made from PE and TPR material to ensure a strong hardness, which makes the shoe creases low-temperature-resistant, resilient and washable.
  • 【Easy to Cut and Fits Comfortably!】 Engineered with auxiliary cutting lines. The anti-wrinkle toe box protector can be trimmed for a perfect fit. Made of high-quality soft and durable material. Crease guards are non-toxic, harmless, and odorless, with no allergic reaction to human skin.
  • 【Utility shoe protector】Venting holes designed to keep the shoes dry and breathable, avoiding being sultry and humid; The anti-wrinkle shoe creases guard will extend the lifespan and improve the appearance of your sports shoes.
  • 【Smart Design】No need to worry that they will move while you are walking; The design makes sure it can firmly stay stuck to the top of the shoe; 2 Colors for choosing

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