2 in 1 Skateboard Backpack

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  • 【Basic facts】
    • Expanded size: 80*24cm (31.5*9.4inches)
    • Folded size:45*24cm(17.7*9.4inches)
    • Material:Encrypted polyester 900D
    • Skateboard fixing method: Velcro and bottom pocket support (Only sell skateboard backpack, skateboard and model are not included)
  • 【Applicability】The Skateboard Backpack is suitable for electric skateboards and ordinary skateboards with a length of 74-95cm(29.1-37.4inches) and a width of less than 22cm(8.6inches).
  • 【Multifunction】Skateboard bag with a small pocket, It can carry both skateboards and small objects for travel. In the unfolded state, it is a skateboard bag, and in the folded state, it is a backpack for travel.
  • 【Comfortable】The thick and padded shoulder straps can be adjusted in length to distribute the weight of the skateboard bag reasonably, making it more comfortable when carrying the skateboard bag.
  • 【Durable】This double-shoulder backpack is made of encrypted polyester 900D, making it more wear-resistant and tear-resistant. By the way, it is also waterproof.

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